Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage

This treatment works the soft tissues of the body and focuses on treating both chronic and acute injuries. Using advanced massage techniques, assisted stretches and joint mobilisations, it assists injury prevention and aids recovery and is used effectively in the treatment of back, neck and other joint and musculoskeletal problems.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is not just for people who play sports, it can benefit other non-sport-related injuries both chronic and acute (including Repetitive Strain Injury RSI). The treatment uses advanced techniques and includes deep tissue manipulation and remedial massage which will benefit everyone whether you work all day sitting at a computer or are a professional sports person. 

Sports massage is good for re-educating tense & knotted muscles; restoring balance to the muscular-skeletal system; improving circulation of blood and the lymphatic system; improving joint flexibility and muscle length; removing muscular aches and pains; removing build up of waste products such as lactic acid; breaking down of scar tissue, adhesions and fibrous tissues (knotted muscles) and relaxing the nervous system.

The Sports Massage is specifically tailored to the individual’s needs and can last between 25-85 minutes.

Therapeutic Massage

A gentle massage based on the simpler skills of Swedish massage to enable therapists to work to enhance the health and well being of clients as well as to address specific ailments and conditions. With a spread and depth of knowledge of the body and how it reacts to illness and injury as well as good health means that in therapeutic massage specific strokes and techniques are used to work effectively with a broad range of clients in widely varying states of health. It also a relaxing treatment that can also reduce stress levels and help you to sleep better.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A therapeutic massage treatment using very light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic strokes to increase lymphatic flow, with the aim of getting rid of toxins in your body. The lymphatic system is the key to the body’s immune system so lymphatic drainage is thought to slows up the healing process. It can also be used to treat lymphodema and mild oedema. The treatment starts with an abdominal massage followed by the limbs that require treatment.


Recommended Treatments

Sports massage (also known as a deep tissue massage) is the ideal way to finish off your sporting activity or workout. 
Ease those tired or aching mucles and help free up stiff joints with a sports massage. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from a massage. Massage stretches out tight muscles and helps to remove knots or adhesions that maybe causing problems; joints are mobilised to stimulate the synovial fluid which could help to ease stiffness and get you moving again. Ideal for injury rehabilitation as well as pre and post exercise treatment.

Holistic or Therapeutic massage can be deeply relaxing, the perfect way to forget about the daily stresses of work or the kids and have some “me-time”. 
Therapeutic massage is intended to be a “whole-body” approach and can enhance the general health and well-being as well as to address specific ailments and conditions. It can help remove toxins from the body and help to speed up the body’s own healing ability. Holistic and therapeutic massage is tailored specifically for the individual and through the use of specific strokes this is suitable for most people with widely varying states of health.

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