*It is not your job to be everything to everyone*

I see you bending over backwards, wrought and weary with stress, contorting your being into impossible shapes in an attempt to do everything. And then suffering silently because of it.
I watch you race to keep up with expectations, judgments and demands, most of which are created and contained in your own mind. Self-imposed and self-inflicted.
Trying so hard leaves only destruction, self-destruction. And a bucket full of moments missed out on.
I wish you self-acceptance and inner peace.
You are not alone. We all know what you are going through. A thirst to feel good enough. A hunger that comes from deep within our gut to feel worthy, smart, sexy, skinny, secure, loved. Or whatever we are starving for.
We have either been there or still are. We have all experienced this thirst, this hunger, and the desperate attempts to satisfy our own demands and expectations.
To do everything.
To be everything.
We do this because we have lost ourselves.
To take a moment to find ourselves again?
To remember who we are?
Say yes.
Put yourself first for once. Even for a moment.
Let me ask you:
What do you need? What do you want? What would serve you? What would be best for you?
Right here, right now?
Do that. Be that—even for a moment.
And remember the one thing that we all have forgotten at some point in our lives.
You are enough, exactly as you are. You are so much more than enough.
Stop trying so hard and see what happens.
Allow yourself to remember who you are.
What if you didn’t try so hard and just let the rest of the world be? Be disappointed. Be upset.
What if the world around you, including your children, your partner, and even your pets, surprised you with their response? What if they were happy, completely grateful? because you put yourself first?
Because you stopped trying so hard to do everything, to be everything—remembering that you are already everything.
You are enough in every way. You are good enough. Strong enough. Sexy enough. Smart enough. Brave enough.
So stop right now and remember you are enough just as you are.

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