I’m having a “I don’t even know why I’m doing this day.”


Gosh my anxiety levels are sky high…

I’m sat here writing this soothing my teething 11month old who does not want to settle today and I feel mentally drained from life itself.

Which then makes me feel pretty useless at everything. Why don’t I have enough energy?

Why can’t I be like the super mums I see at school?

Why am I always tired?

Why do I get stressed?



What I do, what I think, how I am, how I look… everything suddenly feels and becomes negative. The thoughts just seem to spin around in my mind blocking anything positive from entering.

It’s so important to try not to wallow and regain that control you feel you’ve lost.

Whenever I have these anxiety freezes I try to just breathe allowing my mind to focus on the simple task of letting oxygen flow into my body.

The next thing I do is move, whether it’s housework, a walk, stretch, if I can get to the gym. For me doing nothing physically is possibly the worst thing ever for my mind which has a mind of its very own.

I used to think I was slightly mad suffering from anxiety pretty much all my life.

But I’ve gotten to learn over the years especially since becoming more public about it that there are so many sufferers and you’re not mad in fact it seems completely normal…

Writing at times like these help me to process and if my words can help someone else that seriously cheers me up.

Breathe, move, and remember you are amazing.


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