Mummy & Baby Fun-fit Time

Ok so I am a mum of three girls- yep mad!

I love it! I always knew from a very young age I wanted to be a mum and I don’t think I’ll ever not be broody or want to love and nurture…

I’m 25- so young, but after having 3 babies close together it’s important to me that I maintain and always push myself to be fit and healthy.

Fitness helps me so much more than just physically for me it’s the emotional wellness that comes from exercise and a healthy lifestyle that pushes me to get up and do something every day!

If I don’t have time to go to the gym I always make sure I do something.

A walk, stretching, a hiit workout basically anything to get me moving and my endorphins pumping to keep ahead of those anxiety bouts I’m prone to suffering with!

So attached is a video of myself attempting to do a quick home workout with my smallest girlie who has other ideas!

I want to talk you through each step to enable you to try and get moving at home!

This workout is suitable for most people, but if you’re postpartum make sure you’ve been cleared by your doctor to exercise and remember just take it at your own pace.


3-5 Rounds

1min rest between each round


Glute Bridge x15 feet hip width apart knees inline with toes- squeeze the glutes as you power up and keep them contracted as you lower. Ensure your lower back isn’t arched.

Push-ups x10 on your knees to begin with hands shoulder width apart make sure you lower yourself to the floor including hips.

Donkey Kickbacks x12 each leg. Keep your hips level and still to ensure you activate the Glute muscle for a nice pert behind!

Reverse Crunch x12 to hit those upper abdominal muscles try to push your hips up off the floor and control the lowering phase.

Tuck Crunch x10 place your hands on the floor to help balance you and extend your legs out and tuck them back in to work the lower core muscles. This one is quite hard so take it easy to begin with!

Upper Body Crunch x10 body weight or with added weight extend your legs up and try to reach your toes- remember chin off chest.

Plank Hold Until Failure making sure your body is level and you are squeezing up from your pelvic floor, glutes, core, back & shoulders.

Plank Press- plank into a Press as many reps as possible.

Gekkos x10 each side get into. Plank position and extend the leg with a bent knee to the side of the body to hit those obliques.


Let me know how you get on!


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