Just a girl who decided to go for it!

|Just Me|
Welcome to my blog! Not sure if iā€™m nervous or excited about it! Here goes!
My thinking time is around 11pm-1am and funnily enough that’s when I get most of my admin work done šŸ™ˆ…<<
ow many other mums, parents find that the middle of the night is the only chance for your mind to be its own? -<<
yway, I’ve been thinking a lot this week about moving and progressing forwards…<<
t was this time 4 years ago that I started thinking about setting up my own business in the Health and Fitness industry.<<
hose that don’t know we are moving house, so there is a lot of change coming up this year with work, business, home, family life.<<
r house move has made me have to reevaluate my work and business goals so I’ve spent most of this week thinking what more can I do?<<
have this innate drive inside me to help people sometimes at a detriment to my own self šŸ™ˆ, but I think that’s generally the way. -en I started my business I was in a very unhappy relationship with 2 small young children one of whom was very poorly with coeliac disease (2 year battle for a diagnosis!) a time in my life where I felt unsupported and very very alone. – I started my business up because I thought if I could help one single person who feels the way I felt at that time I would’ve done some good! If I can then teach them to feel better, about self care and self love to help them grow, flourish and gain or regain confidence that at some point in their life they may have lost.My business has kept me going along my journey, it’s been there when I’ve felt alone or felt like I have nothing to move forwards for.I truly believe setting my business up and just going for it has changed my life- it gave me positivity and hope when there was none.My personal life has improved and changed so much over the past 4 years, and that’s because of choices I’ve made since putting my health and wellbeing first.it’s actually a really hard choice to make and definitely not always the easy option. I understand that.2018 is going to kick ass! šŸ–¤

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